Interview with nanny: the advantages of babysitting through 24NANNIES

We sit down with Carmen to find out what she sees as the major benefits of babysitting through 24NANNIES.

Babysitting through 24NANNIES is much more than just babysitting. Besides earning good money, you gain a lot of life experience and simultaneously build your network and your C.V. We go in conversation with Carmen to find out what she sees as the big advantages of babysitting through 24NANNIES. Carmen (25 years old) started at 24NANNIES in 2015, making her one of our ‘oldest’ nannies. Over the past few years, she has experienced many different sides of working through 24NANNIES, from babysitting with a regular family to child support at a wedding.

how did it all start?

During my graduation, I was looking for a side job for two to three days a week. Ever since I was a kid I have loved children, so registering at a babysitting agency was a logical choice. Through 24NANNIES I ended up with a family where I eventually babysat for a year and a half. It was a really nice time, during which I built up a close bond with the family.” Carmen explains that this family has unfortunately moved to New York, otherwise she would probably have stayed longer. “But now that they live in New York, I still see them. Last year I visited them for a week, so cozy!” It may surprise many people that a nanny visits her babysitters outside of work, even abroad, Carmen says. “This does show how special this is. By the way, I’m already looking at another ticket….

Carmen has gained a lot of experience over the years.

I think babysitting is really underestimated. It is so much more than just entertaining the kids.
You have a lot of responsibility, you have to be able to switch quickly between different situations and you learn to be flexible. A day never turns out the way you think it will.” So you have to be able to take on a lot of hay? “Definitely,” Carmen continues. “Especially if you’re babysitting for the same family a few days a week, you have to be tough. You can’t just be the nice babysitter who likes everything, but you also have to be able to clearly set boundaries. However, these boundaries are different in every family because they have different rules, norms and values. There is no better school for later!

So working through 24NANNIES is much more than just babysitting?

Absolutely. I owe a lot, if not everything, in the work field to 24NANNIES and its network. In fact, my current job exists because of 24NANNIES. Two years ago I started keeping up the social media channels of 24NANNIES besides babysitting. I only spent a few hours per week on this, but I discovered what I like doing most, namely creating content. Eventually I decided to do this for more companies and this is where my own company Make Me Social came from.” Even now that Carmen hardly babysits anymore, she still benefits greatly from the network she has built up over the years through 24NANNIES. “I’m not exaggerating when I say that three quarters of my clients come from my babysitting network. If you do your best as a babysitter, you get an enormous favor factor from parents. I think I can now reap the benefits of that.

What is her most enjoyable nanny experience?

The wedding at the estate Het Roode Koper! Together with two other nannies I kept an eye on the little ones. I myself was allowed to look after the daughter of the bride and groom. I also slept over at night, since the wedding lasted two days. The best thing about such a job is that you really feel like part of the family. I don’t babysit much anymore through 24NANNIES, but they can always call me for jobs like this, haha.

Carmen is clearly very enthusiastic about babysitting through 24NANNIES. “The most important thing, of course, is that you find working with children the most enjoyable thing to do. If that is the case, I would definitely recommend girls to sign up. Besides all the benefits I already mentioned, 24NANNIES offers a diverse range of jobs. You can do occasional babysitting, but you can also indicate that you want to work with a regular family. You can also babysit during events such as weddings, fairs, parties, children’s parties and so on. Here you will meet many people from different industries, which is again very good for your network. In addition, 24NANNIES is active abroad, so you can be flown to Ibiza. Do I need to say more?


Are you like Carmen crazy about children and you do not just want to earn some extra income, but also want to develop yourself and work on your CV? Then babysitting via 24NANNIES is definitely something for you! You can sign up via this link.

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