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Through our sister company 24AROUND, we recruit reliable and qualified personnel for various industries. Think of personnel for the hospitality industry and hotels, but also personal assistants for entrepreneurs and busy families. In many cases 24AROUND provides an ideal match by first carefully mapping out the wishes and requirements of the client. Thanks to our extensive network of qualified personnel, we usually find a good candidate for your position quickly.

Hospitality & Hotels

Are you looking for a restaurant or B&B manager? 24AROUND has years of experience in finding the right staff. Not only in the Netherlands, but for example also on Ibiza

Personal Assistants

Our personal assistants are assigned to various businesses and families. Thanks to their experience, they make sure everything runs smoothly and are thus a support to many business owners and parents. Thus, 24AROUND’s PAs can help run your business or ensure that within your family everything runs smoothly

Other staff
24AROUND does not only recruit staff for the above industries. Are you looking for other personnel? Then submit an application to us directly and we will contact you as soon as possible. This can be a request for personnel in the Netherlands, in Ibiza, but also in other locations in Europe and worldwide.

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