Regular and flexible nanny at home

24NANNIES offers regular or flexible nannies at home. We look at the situation of the parents and offer a tailor-made solution.

24NANNIES offers fixed or flexible babysitting at home. We look at the situation of the parents and offer a tailored solution. The period in which we can place a babysitter is different for each situation. In most cases, a regular babysitter can stay with your family for at least 3 months or longer. For example, a nanny can fill in the waiting period until the structural childcare starts. Or a nanny who can temporarily babysit in case of a changing and busy work schedule of the parents. The nanny is a familiar face during those months and provides continuity and regularity for your children.

The costs for starting the search and posting the vacancy, start with a registration fee of: €100.00.

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Contact and pricing

We offer a tailor-made quote per request, depending on the type of request, duration and other requirements, among other things.
You will always receive the nanny’s details before the babysitting job. If time permits it is also possible to meet the nanny or have an introductory telephone conversation with the nanny.

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