A regular nanny during the Corona pandemic

During corona, it is also nice to have some extra help so that everything continues to run as before.

Do you work from home while your children are also at home? Or do you have a vital profession and would rather not bring your children to daycare? In that case, a regular nanny at home from 24NANNIES offers a solution. This nanny provides a lot of peace and stability for your family. Not only your children benefit from this, but also you can do your job better.

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A regular nanny can babysit while you are at home as well as when you are at work. The regular nanny takes care of the children, but also often picks up household chores. Think of preparing a meal, washing and cleaning. Before the nanny comes to take care of your children, you agree on what kind of work the nanny will do. 

Advantages of a regular nanny

A regular nanny at home is therefore a real home office helper, supporting you in household tasks and ensuring that you have more peace of mind to do your job well. In addition, you can be sure that your children will be well taken care of. A babysitter at home during the corona crisis is the best choice for many people. You and the children have to travel less and are at home, which can reduce the risk of infection. 

Finding a regular nanny

24NANNIES is happy to help you in your search for a regular babysitter. We understand that in these times it is important that you see the same face every time. You and your children know exactly who is coming and you also limit the number of social contacts. The nannies of 24NANNIES have a lot of experience with babysitting at home, also with babies and smaller children. More information about a sitter at home can be found on this page. Do you have any questions? Please contact us. 

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