A nanny during lockdown

Your whole family in lockdown making nothing run? our nannies are ready to help!

A nanny during lockdown in the Netherlands.

Are you working from home and are your kids also at home due to the lockdown? We understand it can be difficult to fully concentrate on you work in that case. That’s why our nannies are available to help you out, so you con focus on your job. Our nannies are more than happy to help you with the care of your kids and are available throughout the Netherlands. 

Thanks to our flexible paying methods, we can always offer a solution that suits you. This way we can fulfill all your wishes. The nannies can babysit all day long or for example half-days. Beside babysitting, the nanny can also help with other chores, such as cooking or doing groceries. A nanny during lockdown will create a much more relaxed period for you as a working parent as well as for your kids. 

Do you want to request a nanny during lockdown? Please send an email to info@24nannies.nl or request a nanny on this page

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