A nanny on location and at home in Zandvoort

24NANNIES can help you in your search for a regular babysitter in Zandvoort. A regular babysitter will come and babysit for you for a longer period of time at regular times.

Looking for a professional babysitter on location or at home in Zandvoort? 24NANNIES can help you with that. The experienced and highly educated nannies can come to your home to babysit or can be deployed for different types of events, for example as a nanny at a beach party, but also as a children’s supervisor at various activities.

A regular nanny in Zandvoort

Are you looking for a regular nanny in Zandvoort? Our nannies can look after your children on a regular basis for a longer period. This way you make sure you see a familiar face every time. The nannies are usually available for at least 3 months in a row. Please contact us for more information or with an application for a permanent nanny. 

A professional nanny in Zandvoort

24NANNIES can also provide a reliable and screened nanny for your family for different types of events and happenings. For example, you can request a nanny when you are staying in a hotel or during your entire vacation in Zandvoort. In addition, nannies can provide a fantastic time during a wedding. Due to the large pool of highly trained nannies, we usually find the perfect match for your request.

A nanny or event staff at a beachbar in Zandvoort

Are you getting married at the beach? Or are you organizing a company party or corporate event by the sea? Then the nannies of 24NANNIES can take care of a great day for the kids. Our experienced babysitters do not only take care of the children, but they can also do fun things with them. 

A corporate event in Zandvoort

The nannies and other staff can also be used for various corporate events. Think for example of a congress, conference or company outing. The nannies can for example look after the children when the parents are at work. It is also possible that the nannies offer guidance during various activities. Furthermore, the nannies can be used in a television or movie production, where children are involved.


In addition, it is possible to request hostesses at 24NANNIES. They can provide support at various business events, such as a congress or conference. The hostesses can receive guests, provide information and sell products. Because of the commercial background and experience of the hostesses, they are the perfect business card for a company or brand. 

Prices and contact

The prices for the different services are on request. For more information, please contact us.

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