Event nanny

Are you looking for a babysitter or childcare provider for a birthday, children’s party, corporate event, conference, wedding or other event?

Event nanny

Are you looking for one or more nannies to look after the children during your event? And also entertain them with various games and activities? This is possible with our event nanny service! This way the kids will have an unforgettable day and the guests can enjoy the event undisturbed. Our nannies take care of the kids, so you can focus on the other guests. Also at business events, you and your colleagues do not have to worry about the children.

You let us know the type of event and the number of children involved. We will then provide you with a tailor-made advice and price proposal. With our years of experience in providing nanny care at events, we know how to find the perfect accompaniment for the children present. This always makes it a relaxing day for the parents and an experience never to be forgotten for the children.

event nanny aan het schminken

Nanny during business events

We can also provide the perfect child supervision at corporate events. We do this for example at company parties, conferences, and shoots. Our nannies will make sure that you and your colleagues don’t have to look after the children. Moreover, the children will have a great time, since the nanny will do fun things with them. In addition, we can provide fantastic goodie bags, which the children can take home at the end of an event. In short, 24NANNIES offers great childcare for every possible event!

Nanny on location

In addition, 24NANNIES provides on-site babysitting. This means that we provide a babysitter for families who are temporarily staying in a hotel, going on vacation, or simply not near home. Among other things, you can request a babysitter for your hotel. We work through protocols that ensure that it is as safe and comfortable as possible for the children and the parents, but also for the babysitter. Are you staying in a hotel in the Netherlands and would like to go out for the evening? Or would you like to ask a babysitter to travel with you on vacation abroad? Ask us about the possibilities. Our nannies are experienced with babysitting on location or with accompanying families on vacation. This way you have, when you want, a helping hand with the children and therefore more peace and focus for the family.

Entertainment and care

The nannies of 24NANNIES also offer children’s event supervision and children’s party supervision at various events. This supervision can be extended with different activities and games.

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