A professional nanny and child care provider in The Gooi

Are you looking for a professional babysitter at home or at a location in The Gooi, for example during a (business) event? Then 24NANNIES can help you.

Are you looking for professional childcare or a babysitter at home in Het Gooi? Then 24NANNIES can help you. 24NANNIES has years of experience and a large pool of screened and highly trained nannies, who have a lot of experience. The nannies can babysit on a regular basis at your home, help with private events (such as weddings) or offer childcare during corporate events.

A regular nanny in Het Gooi

Are you looking for a regular babysitter, who will come and babysit on a regular basis and for a longer period of time? Then 24NANNIES would like to help you. A regular babysitter is ideal if you want to provide peace and regularity for your children. They see the same face every time. Please contact us if you are looking for a regular babysitter in the Gooi area, for example in Hilversum, Naarden or Bussum. In most cases, the nanny can babysit for at least 3 months in a row.

A nanny in Het Gooi during private events  

If you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary or wedding and would like to have professional child supervision, the nannies of 24NANNIES can help. They can take care of the children, but also do fun activities with them. This will give the kids a great day and the parents can enjoy undisturbed.

In addition, it is possible to request a hotel nanny if you are on vacation in Het Gooi and would like a night out with your partner. Furthermore, it is possible to take a vacation nanny on a trip abroad from Het Gooi or Schiphol.

A nanny at corporate events 

But also during various business events, the nannies can help with childcare. For example, the nannies can look after the children when the parents are at work during a conference or congress. This can be very helpful, for example, for foreign guests travelling with children. In addition, the nannies can entertain the children during company outings and company parties.

Child guidance during a shooting or photoshoot in Het Gooi

When there is a photo shoot, film or television shoot with children, it is very nice to have professional child supervision. At all times, the nanny will make sure that the children feel at ease and can also guide them in preparing for a role.

Hostessen in

Het Gooi

The nannies can also be used as hostesses, for example during a fair. The hostesses have a lot of experience and usually have a commercial background. Therefore they can not only welcome and inform guests, but also sell products.

Pricing and contact

For more information or a quote, please contact us. The price for different services varies and depends on several factors, including the location, type of event, and length of babysitting service. 


The nannies come to babysit throughout the Gooi region, including Hilversum, Bussum, Naarden, Laren, Blaricum and Huizen.

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