Looking for a nanny in Den Bosch?

Are you looking for a professional babysitter at home or on location in Den Bosch, for example during a (business) event? Then 24NANNIES can help you.

Are you looking for a babysitter at home, on location or child supervision at an event in Den Bosch? Then 24NANNIES can help you. Our hand selected range of reliable and experienced nannies helps individuals and companies with different types of events, such as a conference, exhibitions, birthdays or weddings. In addition, the nannies we provide can babysit on a regular or incidental basis at your family home.

A regular nanny in Den Bosch

Our nannies are often used as regular babysitters. They come on certain days or parts of the week to babysit for a number of months. Most nannies are available for at least three months in a row. The advantage of a regular babysitter in Den Bosch is that your children always see a familiar face and are able to build a personal connection with the nanny. For more information on a regular nanny look here. Please contact us for an application or any questions.

Child supervision at private events.  

Wedding: 24NANNIES also provides on-site babysitting at various private events, such as an anniversary, birthday, wedding or family weekend. The nannies look after the children, but can also go out and do fun things with them. It is also possible to request a nanny in a hotel or other accommodation when you are in Den Bosch for vacation or business.

Vacation: Are you travelling from Den Bosch or Eindhoven Airport with your children to a foreign country and can you use some extra help? Then a vacation nanny is really something for you. She offers extra support for your family during a vacation or other trip.

Childcare at business events in Den Bosch 

Business events: 24NANNIES can provide the perfect child supervision at various types of business events in Den Bosch. This could include supervising activities at a company party or babysitting during a conference. This is ideal when foreign clients or employees go on a business trip with their families.

Media nanny: It is also possible to request professional child supervision during a film shoot or photoshoot. The nanny will accompany the children on set and make sure they feel completely at ease.

Hostesses in Den Bosch

Hostesses: In addition, the nannies can be used as hostesses, for example during a trade fair or conference. The hostesses can inform customers, but also sell products. Look for more information on this page.

Contact and pricing

Please contact us for a customised, no-obligation quote. Prices vary per request and depend on the number of nannies, length of the babysitting service and location, among other factors.

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