Offering families, companies and nannies an enjoyable, high quality and tailor made baby-sitting experience. Bringing individuals together successfully through 7 years of experience!


24NANNIES offers a tried and tested system for the best quality childcare. Over the span of 7 years 24NANNIES has been active throughout the Netherlands and Ibiza, working with a large international client base. 24NANNIES specializes in babysitting at home and on location. For example, we provide staff for (company) events, on vacation, in a hotel, or simply at home.


24NANNIES is a babysitting agency that has been bringing parents, companies and nannies together for years. We know how difficult it can be to find professional childcare during for example a company party, film-shoot, wedding or other event. For this reason we have compiled a large pool of screened and experienced nannies that can help with different types of situations and events. Entrusting your children to someone is already stressful enough, let us take away any fears you may have and provide you with high quality care.


The mission of 24NANNIES is to take good care of what you love most. We do this through a high degree of personal contact and a unique personal network. This network consists of very experienced, professional, enthusiastic, flexible and reliable employees, who are employable in many different ways.

The network of 24 nannies

The network of 24NANNIES consists of enthusiastic employees who are widely deployable as child sitters or hostesses. At 24NANNIES we consider personal contact with the families, companies and nannies a corner stone to the foundation of our successful methods. Know what both the personal wishes and qualifications are of our families and employees ensures a high-quality service. This enables us to quickly find an ideal match for your family or company from our large pool of staff.

Based on your request we will search for a nanny, event employee or other staff. We take into account your wishes and requirements and look for a nanny or staff member who fits your family, the type of event or the company. Thanks to our large and diverse network we often find the ideal match for any family!

The 24Nannies team

Screening & recruitment

All nannies and other staff are extensively screened. Among other things, references and relevant experience are taken into account. Furthermore, all nannies need to have a recent Certificate of Good Behavior. After this has been done, the nannies are invited for an interview, so we can discuss their motives and get a full impression.

Outside of recruiting and screening nannies, we operate in multiple industries. For example, we can recruit staff for the childcare industry or provide hostesses during a trade fair. We set high standards for our staff, therefore we have an experienced and highly trained network of employees.

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