A nanny on location or at home in Groningen

Are you looking for a professional babysitter at home or at a location in Groningen, for example during a (business) event? Then 24NANNIES can help you.

Are you looking for a regular nanny at home or a nanny during a wedding, party or corporate event? 24NANNIES can help you! Our experienced nannies have been providing childcare at various types of events and at home for years. These can be private events, such as anniversaries, as well as corporate events in Groningen.

Regular nannies in Groningen

A nanny from 24NANNIES can travel anywhere, including Groningen. This nanny will, for example, take care of your children several days a week for a couple of months. The advantage of this is that you and your children see a familiar face. Our nannies are available for a period of at least three months in a row. More information on a regular nanny can be found on this page.

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A nanny on location at private events in Groningen

Our nannies can be used at various events and social gatherings:

Wedding: Would you like one or more nannies to look after the children at your wedding? Then apply for a wedding nanny with us. Our nanny will take care of the children and play games with them. This will ensure an enjoyable and stress-free wedding for all parties. It is also possible to request an arts and crafts table supervised by our nannies.

Vacations: Are you on vacation in Wassenaar? Then a hotel nanny could be the ideal help for you. She will come to the hotel room or other accommodation to look after the children, so that you can have a night out. Are you traveling somewhere from Groningen or Schiphol Airport? Then a vacation nanny may be the perfect fit for your travels.

24NANNIES also provides child supervision for various celebrations, such as an anniversary or birthday. Contact us for more information.

A nanny on location at business events in Groningen

Business events: At corporate events, the nannies also provide outstanding child supervision. For example, they can look after children during a conference or trade fair or organise activities during a corporate event. This can be ideal when foreign clients or employees come to Groningen for a corporate event and bring their children. By the way, the babysitter can also babysit in the accommodation of the business visit.

Media nanny: In addition, our nannies can be used to supervise during film shoots or photoshoots. The nannies make sure the children feel completely at ease on the filmset and can also help them prepare for a role.

Hostesses in Groningen

Hostesses: Do you need other staff? The nannies provided by 24NANNIES can also be used as hostesses, for example during a fair. They can receive guests, but also sell products and provide information. For more information access this page.

Contact and pricing

Prices vary per request and depend on several factors, such as the type of event, time span, number of nannies required etc. Please contact us for a free proposal.

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