Hostesses: ambassadors for brands and companies

Our well-screened and trained ladies (and sometimes gentlemen) can also be deployed as hostesses, for example during a trade fair, conference or other event.


Our well-screened and trained nannies can also be used as hostesses, for example during a fair, conference or other events. This can be a child-related event, such as the Negenmaandenbeurs, but also other types of events.

Hostesses are the ideal business card of a company or brand and can provide a lot of information to customers about the product or service thanks to their good communication skills. We always look for hostesses who are enthusiastic about the brand, the product or the service, so that they are the perfect face of the organization. The hostesses have a lot of experience and can be flexibly deployed at various types of corporate events, such as exhibitions and conferences.

Advantages of hostesses

  • An experienced and enthusiastic ambassador for a brand or organization
  • Communicatively skilled
  • Highly educated
  • Very flexible
  • Highly reliable
  • Representative
  • Often with a commercial background
  • If possible the hostesses have a background related to the product/service

Duties of a hostess

Hostesses are the ambassador of a brand, company or product. They are genuinely enthusiastic about it and can tell customers a lot about it. The hostesses read up on the event and are briefed beforehand. During the event, they will inform customers and answer their questions, but if desired they can also take on other tasks. Think for example of selling products. The hostesses have in most cases a commercial background. If possible we place a hostess who follows or has followed a study related to the company, product or service.

Other duties

We can additionally assist with logistical and other tasks, for example, if a booth needs to be built at a trade show. This allows our flexible hostesses to ensure the smooth running of the trade show or conference.

Price mediation for hostesses

Hostess brokerage fees vary and depend on several factors, including location, number of hours and type of event. You can contact us for a quotation.

Other workfields

Our nannies can not only do hostess work. They also have experience in other fields. Is your industry not listed here, but are you looking for (temporary) staff? Please contact us to find out what we can do for you.

Our staff network is experienced in the following areas:

  • Catering
  • Production
  • Promotion
  • Organisation
  • Workshops

Flexible and enthusiastic hostesses

Would you like more information or would you like to request one or more hostesses for your event? Please contact. us. We will respond to your request as soon as possible.

If you are looking for children’s entertainment or babysitters during a corporate event, check the page child care at corporate events.

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