Child care at corporate events

Thanks to the corporate event service of 24NANNIES, your corporate event is also very suitable for children. Our event staff will make sure the kids have a fantastic time!

Thanks to the corporate event service of 24NANNIES your corporate event is also very suitable for children. Our event staff will ensure that the children have a fantastic time, for example by playing games with them or doing crafts. This gives the parents more time for each other and a great time for the kids.

24NANNIES provides high end child guidance at various types of events. For example at a congress, conference, company party, anniversary, family day or other corporate event. Also, our child supervisors are deployed at television shoots, film productions and sporting events. With the 24NANNIES event service you do not have to worry about the children present.

Advantages of nannies during corporate events

  • Opportunity for games, craft tables and more 
  • A hassle-free corporate event for parents
  • An amazing time for the children
  • Screened and experienced nannies 
  • The nannies also accompany children in various productions 

Childcare & entertainment

24NANNIES can provide various activities during your event. This will give the children an extra fun time. Besides playing games and crafts, we can, for example, set up a baby or toddler corner, where the little ones can play in peace in a secluded area. Furthermore, it is possible to request, among other things, a ball pit, life-size puzzles and a popcorn stand. Virtually anything is possible. For more information about the activities, please contact us.

In addition, we can provide goodie bags, which are given to the children as gifts during or at the end of the event.


The price for child supervision and entertainment of our high-end nanny service during the business event depends on several factors, such as the location, the duration of the event and the tasks. Based on these and other details, we will make a customized proposal. 


During the event, there should be a safe location for children. For example, a craft corner should not be close to water. After your request, we will go over the location with you so that our event staff knows exactly where they stand. 

Other Event Staff

We also mediate (in addition to nannies) in other personnel for your event. Through our sister company 24AROUND we offer the possibility to hire the entire crew for your event.

Requesting childcare

Would you like children to have a great time at your event? Then contact us about your request and we will make you a customized proposal. 

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