Being a nanny via 24NANNIES. What can you expect?

Het werk via 24NANNIES flexibel, leuk en bovendien krijg je een goed uurtarief. Maar wat houdt werken voor 24NANNIES precies in?

The advantages of working via 24NANNIES:

  • You earn at least €8 per hour
  • You can work at many fun events, where you earn at least €9 per hour
  • On events you can also work together with friends
  • We offer several career opportunities in the BSO, as a hostess or in the hospitality industry
  • If you babysit through us, you are part of a large network of nannies and parents
  • We offer a lot of work

As you can see above, working through 24NANNIES is flexible, fun, and on top of that you get a good hourly rate. But what exactly does working for 24NANNIES entail? We put it in a row for you.

If you are registered in the network of 24NANNIES after an intake and screening, you can take on different jobs. You only respond to babysitting jobs that you like and that takes place on the days and times when you can. Very flexible! Below are the jobs that you can do through us.

Private nanny

These are babysitting requests that are about one or more days, but are not about an extended period of time. For example, parents may want an evening out or have to work for a day. They submit a request to us, and you receive a push notification with all the information about the job (the date, time, global location and any other requirements). If you meet the requirements for this job, we will schedule you with the family and you can meet the parents and children. What is expected of you while babysitting varies: if you are babysitting in the evening, sometimes the children will be asleep and in other cases you will have to make sure they shower and they go to sleep. During the day you often pick them up from school and take them to the playground or petting zoo (look here for tips in Haarlem). It may also happen that you are asked to do some small household chores. This is of course always in consultation with the family.

Regular nanny

With regular babysitting jobs, you babysit for a family for a longer period of time, often on fixed days during the week (for example, every Monday and Wednesday afternoon). This may be for a few months, but also for an entire school year. Your tasks are basically the same as with occasional babysitting jobs. The nice thing about permanent babysitting is that you really get to know the children and the family and that you have financial security for a long time. We receive new applications for regular babysitting jobs every day. So does this sound like a job for you? Then sign up right away! Besides the regular babysitting jobs, you can always take on occasional jobs to earn some extra money. Ideal for a gap year!

Being a nanny during events

You can also choose to be an event nanny for a day. This means that during an event (think of a birthday, wedding, anniversary or company party) you will entertain the children for a day or part of the day. This is less babysitting and more about the fact that you relieve the parents by taking care of the children. For example, you can draw, do crafts or play games together. The advantage is that the hourly rate for these jobs is usually higher because you often have several children in your care at once.

Advancement opportunities

In addition to these jobs, we also offer various career opportunities. 24NANNIES has several partners in childcare, at host parent agencies and in the hospitality industry. For example, you can work at very good BSO’s or, if you have the right qualifications, work at a host parent agency. If you like this, please register and let us know what kind of work you are looking for!

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