The holiday nanny

Are you going on vacation with your children and could use some extra help? Then the vacation nanny of 24NANNIES is for you.

Ideal nanny during holidays

A holiday nanny travels with the family to the holiday destination and will look after the children on the spot. This gives you free time, while you will have a nice time with the little ones. The nanny for holidays has been extensively screened and has a lot of experience with babysitting. In addition, the travel nanny usually speaks several languages, so that she can also easily get by abroad. Thanks to our high level of personal contact, we usually find the perfect nanny for your family.

Advantages holiday nanny

  • Extra help with your kids during your holiday
  • The vacation nanny is a screened and experienced nanny, who often speaks multiple languages
  • You will receive a tailor-made price from us, depending on various factors
  • Optionally, the travel nanny can also take on other tasks, giving you even more time for your family

Duties of the holiday nanny

A vacation nanny can make your vacation with children even more fun! Because the nanny takes many tasks off your hands, you can relax and do fun things. The nanny on vacation not only looks after the children but can also take on other tasks. Think for example of the preparation of breakfast or grocery shopping. And if you would like to go out for an evening meal with your partner, the vacation sitter will stay in the hotel or vacation home with the children. You agree in advance with the vacation nanny which tasks she will perform during the vacation, so you both know where you stand.

Price of a holiday nanny

The price for a vacation nanny depends on many different factors. For example, the duration of the vacation, the location, the number of children and the tasks. That’s why after you request a vacation nanny, we will create a customized price.

Conditions for a holiday nanny

There are conditions attached to applying for a vacation nanny. First, the nanny must have her own bedroom during the vacation, so she has enough privacy. In addition, you pay for the travel to and from the vacation destination, the accommodation and possibly the food. Together with the nanny, you agree in advance how many days and how many hours a day the nanny will work and when she can spend her free time. Before you travel with the nanny, you agree on an introductory and trial day, where you can get to know each other better.

Requesting a holiday nanny

Would you like to take a nanny with you on your trip? Then contact us via the request form. Based on your request we will make you a tailor-made proposal.

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