A professional nanny in The Netherlands

A professional nanny in The Netherlands

Are you looking for a structural babysitter in The Netherlands? Or a nanny while you’re on vacation or on a business trip? The 24NANNIES high end nanny service can help. Due to our many years of experience, we can find a suitable nanny for your kids. The nannies have a lot of experience with babysitting, are screened extensively, are well educated and speak English or another language besides Dutch.

Structural nanny

Are you living in The Netherlands, for example as an expat? 24NANNIES can recruit a structural nanny for your family. This nanny will babysit your kids on a structural basis, e.g. two or three days a week. In most cases the nanny can babysit your kids for a minimum of 3 months in a row. Are you interested? Please contact us!

A nanny during your vacation in The Netherlands

A nanny can help you with different tasks during your vacation. She can for example stay with your family during your whole vacation or she can babysit your kids in the hotelroom or apartment for an evening, so you and your partner can go out for dinner for example. She can also help while traveling in The Netherlands or to another country in Europe or further away. Thanks to such a nanny, you can enjoy a relaxing vacation in Holland with your kids.

A babysitter during your business trip in The Netherlands

If you are traveling to a conference or congres in The Netherlands with your family, a babysitter can watch your kids while you are at work. This is ideal if you want to travel with your baby for example. The nanny can watch the kids all day long or only during a period of the day. This way you will have a productive business trip to The Netherlands. For more information, please go to this page

Prices and contact

The prices are on request and dependent on factors such as the location, the duration of your request and the tasks. Please contact us for a quotation.