Eventnanny and nanny on location

An eventnanny by 24NANNIES

Are you looking for a nanny at a birthday party, company party, conference, wedding or other event?

One or more nannies who will look after the kids and who will entertain them whilst playing games and other fun activities? The 24NANNIES event nanny service can provide just that! This way the children will have an unforgettable day and, moreover, the other guests can enjoy the party as well. Our nannies will completely take care of the kids, so you can focus your attention on the other guests. Also at corporate events you and your colleagues won’t be worrying about them.

You only have to let us know what kind of event it is and how many children will be present. With this information we will provide you with a tailored proposal and some advice (e.g. about the number of nannies and on the child-safety of the location). Because of our many years of experience with such events, we wille be able to provide you with the best childcare. In cooperation with our partners we can arrange all kinds of games and other activities, varying from boardgames to water glides. This way the parents will have a relaxing day, while the kids will experience a day to never forget.

The nannies can also entertain and/or accompany kids at various corporate events.

A nanny on location

Besides the event nanny service, we can also arrange nanny care on location. This implies that we can arrange childcare in a hotel in Amsterdam or The Netherlands, but also during your holiday or at another location than your home. We use several protocols to make sure the kids and parents, but our nannies also, have a safe and comfortable place to work. Do you need some help with a busy day or would you like to take a nanny on your vacation? Ask us about the possibilities. Our nannies are experienced with babysitting on location or accompanying families on their holiday. This way you can have a helping hand whenever you like, which results in more quality time for your family.