Sinterklaas; Put healthy candy in their shoe this year!

Een gezonder sinterklaas met een kookworkshop!

Come to the cooking workshop and learn all about healthy eating for you and your family

Do you ever find yourself at a loss in the supermarket, not knowing what to put on the table tonight? Does your child often say ‘no’ to vegetables? Do your children like to pull everything that has cute pictures on it out of the shelf? 24NANNIES knows how difficult it can be to ensure that your children eat healthy and yet tasty. Especially when the internet is full of hundreds of tips. Therefore, a former nanny, Lammie, together with Annemieke started a cooking workshop, where they give you the really important information about healthy food.

Lammie Kranendonk, lifestyle coach for families and owner of Lammie’s Opvoedcafé, and Annemieke de Kroon, former elementary school teacher and active for years with De Keuken van Annemieke, want to take you as a parent on an informative and fun evening about nutrition for your child and family.

In the jungle of information, they want to help you get a clear view of what is healthy and tasty for you and your child. They will take you on a Supermarket Safari and tell you all about how your child can start to appreciate all the healthy things and how you can turn unhealthy things into something healthy in no time. On Thursday 23 November they will give more information about healthy eating during a meeting and on Friday 1 December they will put this information into practice during a healthy Sinterklaas cooking workshop! Lammie and Annemiek will put the well-known Sinterklaas candy in a healthy jacket, together with you and your child.

Can’t attend on Thursday, November 23, but would like to attend the Sinterklaas Cooking Workshop on Friday, December 1? No problem! Just send an email and they will send you all the information you need and missed.

What can you expect from the information evening and cooking workshop?


Annemieke and Lammie take you on a Supermarket Safari (all about sugars, gluten, dairy and e-numbers)

  • You become more aware of the role of nutrition within the family
  • You learn more about the relationship between food and behavior
  • You get many practical tools
  • You get the best and nicest tips for the table
  • And healthy family recipes to use at home right away

Donderdag 23 november
Locatie: Korte Verspronckweg 7-9
Inloop: 19.30 uur
Tijden: 19.45 – 21.30 uur
Kosten: €15 (incl. gezond hapje en sapje)
Graag opgeven voor dinsdag 21 november via:

Friday night december 1
Happy evening has come!

Healthy Sinterklaas baking workshop for parents & kids

Locatie: Korte Verspronckweg 7-9
Inloop: 18.45 uur
Tijden: 19.00 – 20.30 uur
Kosten: €17,50 per deelnemer
Max. aantal deelnemers: 8 ouders met 1 à 2 kinderen (leeftijd 5-10 jaar)
Graag opgeven voor woensdag 29 november via:

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