Why working at 24NANNIES is really great fun

An interview with one of our nannies.

The network of nannies at 24NANNIES is constantly growing. Many nannies sign up to babysit as a side job or for extra earnings during a gap year. We spoke with babysitter Jeanne Veldhoen to find out what makes working at 24NANNIES so fun. And, what kind of fun and crazy things do you experience while babysitting at 24NANNIES.

Why did you register as a nanny at 24NANNIES?

I had been babysitting a lot and suddenly came across 24NANNIES all around me. At one point, my sister told me about a long term babysitting job with almost impossible times, but which suited me perfectly. Then I signed up and after a nice conversation, I started working almost immediately.

What is the most fun or crazy thing you have experienced while babysitting?

A family where I often nanny, asked me to help with the party for the oldest son of nine years old. The party was during Halloween and consisted of a scavenger hunt through the Jordaan. In the afternoon I helped the oldest daughter and two friends with make-up and dressing up: they would hide along the route to scare the boys.

As soon as it was dark, we started the trip. We had prepared a lot: all the boys were dressed up and the Jordaan was the perfect setting because of the many dark alleys. However, the residents of the Jordaan were also happy to participate. This was an unexpected surprise. Along the route, almost every house had transformed its windows into Halloween spheres, very dark music was played in several places and the inhabitants were getting ready for their own Halloween parties. So there were many more “actors” than we had planned.

What do you think is the reason parents are so satisfied with 24NANNIES?

The success of 24NANNIES is, in my opinion, due to the good selection of the nannies, but especially because 24NANNIES strives so much for personal contact with the parents and with the nannies. This way you get extra motivation and you also radiate this to the parents and other nannies.

How often do you work as a nanny per month?

I work as a nanny at least twice a month. Lately, it has become a little less because I am working on a big project to finish my studies. When I am done with this, I would like to help out at least three times a month at an event. Before I worked at an event at least four times a month and if I had any time left, I could always add one more.

What makes babysitting through 24NANNIES so enjoyable for you?

What I love about working with children is the challenge of constantly coming up with a creative solution to keep the children’s attention. As I said before, I like to work during events. Sometimes you don’t know in advance where you will end up, but you still have to make something beautiful out of it. For example, you get a group of 20 children who do not know each other and find it difficult to say goodbye to their parents. It is very satisfying to see these children involved in a story, a project or crafts for a day, to let them make contact with each other and to see them leave as friends.

At various events like Radion, for example, you sometimes see the same kids coming back. They look at you with a look of recognition or even give you a hug. If they also let you know that they missed you the week before, you never want to miss another day. Moreover, at events, you stand with several nannies at the same time, so you build a valuable network of friends.


If you are registered as a babysitter at 24NANNIES you will see a lot of babysitting jobs passing by that you can respond to. But you are not obliged to do anything. Because there are babysitting jobs during the day and evening, during the week and at the weekends, you can earn very flexible money. We are also looking for babysitters who can babysit for a longer period of time on fixed days a week. Does this sound like you? Sign up here!

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