What makes the nannies of 24NANNIES so unique?

How do we select our nannies and ensure quality? Our recruiters tell.

24NANNIES distinguishes itself through its extensive network of screened, motivated and professional nannies. But how do we select these nannies exactly? One of our recruiters explains how we ensure the best quality nannies.

The recruitment of 24NANNIES

It all starts with finding potential candidates, who are pre-screened as much as possible. “Many of the nannies are found through Social Media, such as Facebook and Instagram. However, not everyone is eligible to become a nanny at 24NANNIES. For example, we look carefully at the profile to assess whether it is a suitable candidate. Our years of experience have really given us an eye for this. One of the most important things here is that the nanny loves to work with children. Should there be any doubt about this, she will not be invited.”

The recruitment team then sends a message to the potential nanny to gauge whether she is interested. “Should this be the case, she is not there yet. Even before we invite a potential nanny for an interview, we ask a lot of questions. This way we get to know her better and we can make a strict selection at the gate. We notice by this that we only keep the highly motivated candidates.”

Another part of the nannies finds 24NANNIES for example through Google and registers through the site, without the intervention of a recruiter. Here too, a questionnaire ensures that only the really motivated nannies remain.

The selection of 24NANNIES

“After filling out the form, we look at the answers given and discuss it internally if necessary. If it is a good candidate, we invite her for an interview. In this way we get an even better picture of the nanny and can see if the answers given correspond to reality.”

The experience of the potential nanny is, of course, also checked. Parents with babies want to have a nanny who knows exactly what to do. “At least two references are called to ask about this experience. These families can indicate not only what experience the nanny has, but also whether they would recommend her. If not, the nanny cannot be added to 24NANNIES’ network.”

“Nannies who want to babysit through 24NANNIES must first of all love children. In addition, it is important that they are enterprising and proactive and can think along with the family. Nannying is of course more than just watching the children.” So a nanny is much more than just a babysitter. Thanks to the strict recruitment and selection and years of experience 24NANNIES has only nannies in its database who not only have a lot of experience, but are also flexible and can support the family in many other ways.

Want to know more about the exact screening that 24NANNIES performs? Then contact us at werken@24nannies.nl

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