Mother Stefanie about her experience with a holiday nanny

More and more parents are using a vacation nanny and we regularly get questions about it. Here is the experience of a mother!

The holiday nanny: more and more parents are taking someone with them on their travels and we regularly get questions about it. It is a luxury service that is rather taboo – you just want to be yourself with your children during a family vacation, right?

Stefanie (36) was also sceptical when her husband came up with the idea of bringing a babysitter, but is now all over it. “If you have the opportunity, I would definitely recommend it.”

For what reason did you book a holiday nanny?

“One of the reasons for taking someone with us was that both our children are quite young and we don’t like to take them to restaurants in the evening. After all, we’re not doing anyone any favours with that. We also have our own business that always goes on, even on vacation. Then it is nice to have someone looking after the children. Last year we bought a house in Bonaire and we have a small social life there. It is nice to meet our friends and catch up, while a nanny keeps the children busy or puts them to bed.”

Was it your idea to bring a nanny?

“The idea actually came from my husband. Our regular babysitter didn’t have time to go because of a regular job and I didn’t want to hire a local babysitter. You don’t really know who it is abroad and how professional it is. Hence, we contacted 24NANNIES.”

How was the first meeting with the nanny and your feeling afterwards?

“We met the nanny in A’dam, her hometown, and we immediately had a warm feeling with her. Sweet with our little son, as our little daughter wasn’t born yet at the time. We immediately found her very professional which was the most important thing for us – after all, you give the greatest possession to someone.”

I can imagine that you were concerned about asking someone you don’t know very well to come along.

“We didn’t think so in itself because I personally think we are quite easygoing. If there would have been a problem we could have discussed it in a nice way, but this was certainly not the case. The click with her was and still is very good. 24NANNIES is very professional in the selection of their ladies.”

How did you explain to your son that someone was going with him?

“Our son thinks it’s quite normal, there is often a friend or family member who goes along. Both children are not shy and find an extra playmate just very cosy. It didn’t take much explanation.”

What was the guidance from 24NANNIES like?

“Very good. We had several contact moments and they did a good job of outlining what we needed to arrange for our nanny. The first nanny we got in touch with was immediately a hit so we felt they made a very good selection in that.”

In what situations can other mothers book a vacation nanny?

“If they have to travel alone with their child or children. For a wedding where the children are welcome during the day, but in the evening the nanny can go home with the children. Or any other big party.”

Are you going to use the nanny more often in the Netherlands now?

“We ourselves live too far from where our nanny lives, so unfortunately that won’t be possible. We do have a pied-a-terre in Amsterdam and if we ever need a nanny there, we will definitely contact them. We do go to Bonaire regularly – the nanny has even been along for a second time. This was again a success and the ticket for the third time has already been booked!”

How many hours did the nanny work in a day?

“The nanny just walked with our family and we didn’t really look at the hours. We did make an appointment with her in advance regarding payment, which actually went very well and smoothly.”

What were the nanny’s duties during the vacations?

“The nanny really made sure that in addition to a busy family and our own business, we also had a real vacation feeling. Examples are that she put our baby to bed when she was tired so we could sit a bit longer at breakfast, lunch or drinks. She babysat and put the kids to bed when we wanted to go out for dinner. And went swimming with our son when we still had to work. Playing with one of them so we could have some quality time with the other… And a morning’s sleep is also very nice on vacation after a rough period with a new born.

Does the family have enough privacy during the vacations with a nanny present?

“Definitely. Now we found it very cozy that she was there when the kids were in bed, but she was also very good at giving us privacy when we were with friends.”

The most common question is: wouldn’t you rather spend time with the kids yourself?

“I understand that question, but we actually spent a lot of time by ourselves with the kids during the trip. The extra hands just make such a difference on vacation. It was also very nice for our son that we had extra time for him while the nanny babysat our 4-month-old daughter. Or the other way around … but I also think quality time with my husband is important in a relationship and we had more of that by bringing a nanny along.”

Had you taken a nanny on vacation before?

“No, it was the first time. We also don’t have a nanny or au pair at home.”

Bit of a rhetorical question, but would you recommend a vacation nanny to other families?

“Definitely!!! If you have the opportunity and the peace of mind that someone else is watching your child I would recommend it to anyone. Then you yourself as a parent have a vacation and are much more recharged to be able to be a more relaxed parent again.”

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