Child-friendly villas in Ibiza from RB Family

RB Family you rent very luxurious and family friendly villas and atmospheric fincas in Ibiza, where you and your children can completely unwind. 24NANNIES is fan

RB Family and 24NANNIES join forces to provide families with the most amazing holiday on the sunny island of Ibiza. At RB Family you can rent the most luxurious and family-friendly villas in Ibiza, where you can relax with your kids. We at 24NANNIES are a great fan of amazing holiday homes, because of the many child-friendly features.

Villa’s in Ibiza

The villas are in unique locations on the island and are not easy to find online. The houses are personally selected, so that all your expectations are exceeded. The attractive gardens, tastefully furnished houses and fine outdoor terraces can also be adjusted to your wishes. For example, a pool alarm can be installed so that you can let your children play with peace of mind. There is also child-friendly playground equipment and, on request, pool gates available. Thanks to the many amenities you and your family will experience a luxurious vacation on this popular island.

RB Family’s child-friendly villas on Ibiza

The large properties are situated in unique locations on the island en can’t be easily googled. The homes are personally selected, making the villas exceed your expectations. The attractive estates, villas and holiday homes from RB Family on Ibiza can be adjusted to your wishes. For example, a pool alarm can be installed, so your kids can play safely around the pool. Other options include child-friendly furniture and a pool fence. Thanks to the many facilities, you and your family will experience a luxurious holiday on this popular island. 

Our recommendations for families with children are for example:

If you are in need of a nanny during your stay in one of the villas, an experienced nanny by 24NANNIES will babysit your kids. The nannies are very familiar with the villas and the island, making them extremely suitable to watch your children during your vacation. 

Thanks to the joined forces of RB Family and 24NANNIES you will enjoy a luxurious lifestyle while staying on Ibiza. The only thing you have to do is to rest. For more information about the villas please visit their website. Do you have any questions about their services or about the holiday homes? The RB Family team is happy to assist you!

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