Hotel Nanny

Are you on vacation in the Netherlands and want to enjoy a night out with your partner?

A nanny during your hotel stay

Are you on vacation in the Netherlands and would like to spend an evening with your partner? Then a hotel nanny is ideal. This nanny looks after your children in the hotel room or another vacation accommodation so that you have all the freedom at the time. This way you and your partner can enjoy your vacation even more, while the children are being entertained by one of our experienced nannies. Our nannies have been extensively screened and have a lot of experience with babysitting on location. We have been babysitting on location for several years, which allows us to make a good assessment of the family’s needs. 

Advantages of a hotel nanny

  • A screened, experienced nanny
  • Even during your vacation, you can temporarily leave the care of your children in your hands 
  • The nanny comes to your hotel or vacation accommodation, so the children can stay where they are in a familiar environment 
  • For example, your baby can sleep through the night while you and your partner go out on the town.
  • For example, children can play quietly in or near the vacation home, while you go out for dinner or do some shopping

Price of a hotel nanny

Depending on a number of factors, we offer a customized price. Among other things, the price depends on the length of the babysitting service, the location, the number of children, the tasks and whether the nanny stays overnight. 

Conditions for a hotel nanny

The nanny will care for the children in the hotel room or vacation home and may stay overnight if desired. The accommodation must be safe for the children and the nanny. Would you like the nanny to accompany you on your trip abroad? Then you can apply for a vacation nanny.

Requesting a hotel nanny

Would you like a reliable babysitter during your stay in a hotel? Then please fill in the application form. Based on your request we will make you a customized proposal.

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