24NANNIES stay over nanny: a babysitter for the whole night

Enjoying an evening or weekend away without the kids? No problem with the nanny!

Would you like to spend a night with your partner in another city or a weekend abroad? But who will look after your children? From now on you do not have to worry about that anymore. 24NANNIES has created the sleep-over nanny: a nanny who looks after your children for a whole night or a weekend and sleeps in your house. Your children just wake up in a familiar environment and in their own bed. What more could you ask for?

But also if you like to sleep well for several nights in a row, you can call on the sleepover nanny. If your child wakes up during the night, the nanny will give him or her the necessary care. This allows you to sleep through the night and know that your child is in good hands.

There is one condition for applying for a sleepover; there must be a proper place for the sitter to sleep (so not on the couch in the living room). This way the nanny can get the necessary rest and take good care of your children. In consultation with the nanny, he or she can also sleep in the children’s room. And otherwise, she sleeps in another room with, for example, a baby phone.


The prices depend very much on the situation and therefore we are happy to make a tailor-made price proposal. Of course, we will meet the nanny beforehand. This way you always know in advance who is coming to take care of you. Does this suit you? Please contact us!

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