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Looking for a trustworthy babysitter?

24NANNIES exclusively works with nannies that are screened based on babysitting experiences, references, a Certificate of Conduct and a detailed screening. We provide families with reliable and screened nannies in the Netherlands and abroad (mostly Ibiza & Dubai), for all kinds of requests. But also on location we provide nannycare, for example in hotels, during conferences or weddings. We help families upon request for early planned events and even up to 24 hours in advance. Our nannies can help you at any time of the day, including weekends and nights. We maintain close contact with the families and nannies, so we can provide every family with a good match.

24NANNIES has provided families with a nanny for more than 5 years now. Due to our unique and large pool of ‘high quality’ and well educated nannies we are very flexible and able to help with all different kinds of requests. Furthermore, the nannies are screened extensively and we register whether they have experience with babies and call their references. So, would you like to go out for dinner or visit friends of family? Or are you staying in a hotel for a holiday in the Netherlands? 24NANNIES will help you to get the best care for your kids whilst you are away.

About our different services

Babysitter on an occasional basis

A babysitter who will look after your kids at your home for an evening, an afternoon or one or more days. We can provide this even within 24 hours once you have registered for our nanny service. The nanny can also stay overnight upon request. You can find the prices below or at our pricing page.

Nanny on a structural basis

A structural nanny who will baby-sit your children on the same day or days of the week for an extended period of time. Due to the large demand for such nannies, we do have a waiting list. But we will always try to help you as soon as possible!

Nanny at a wedding, birthday or other event

Would you like to have a babysitter or nanny at your wedding, anniversary, conference or other larger kind of event? We have a large pool of enthusiastic event-nannies who will entertain the kids, while they keep an eye on them. This way you only have to look after your other guests. Furthermore, we can provide entertainment for larger groups of kids. We can arrange all kind of crafts and board games. For more information, please contact us. For a video impression of one of past events, look at our events page.

Nanny on location

Do you need a nanny for an evening or a few days during your stay in a hotel in Amsterdam or other parts of The Netherlands? Or would you like to take a babysitter with you for a family holiday? Our nannies are highly experienced in babysitting on location. We work via a protocol which we follow to make the situation as convenient as possible for the children, families and nannies. Contact us directly to ask about the different options. Click here for more information.

Entertainment & childcare

24NANNIES also offers entertainment and care for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, minis and ‘big’ children. Such as:

Babies: Play within a (deposited) safe environment full of soft, colored, rattling and rolling toys where the little ones can crawl, play and lie. In the shade of a teepee tent – or of course inside. But also a change corner with bottle warmer.

Toddlers & Preschoolers: Think of a little ball pit, soft life-sized puzzles, and musical instruments. We can bring lego blocks especially for the young minis around and from the age of 4. In addition, always a hit, a large craft corner with scrapbooks, paint, pencils, feathers, glitter, you name it!

Bigger children: Crafts or games and our shuffleboard is a success every time. But also a make-up corner or a life-size twister game, a balloon artist or a cheerful bouncer, a popcorn stand or cotton candy stand. We work tailor-made so we can offer all possible options.

Nanny for your holiday

24NANNIES has also experience with providing a nanny for families on a trip or vacation, for example for a holiday or a trip to another country to look for a new place to live. During the trip or vacation the kids will be entertained by one of our nannies. This also works via a protocol which we follow to make sure the situation is convenient for all parties. Would you like to book one of our babysitters for a holiday? Contact us for the possibilities and to get a tailored proposal.

Register for the nanny service for your nanny at home

When you register as a client for 24NANNIES, we will create a personal profile. After you have paid the one-time registration fee, one of our colleagues will get in touch so you can request a nanny. You only pay a booking fee after we have found a suitable babysitter for you.

You can register directly here.

If you have any questions regarding the registration process, please contact us and we will help you as soon as possible.

Areas where we can make nanny-matches

We are currently active in the following places (including villages in the surroundings):

Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden, Den Bosch, Eindhoven, Rotterdam & Utrecht.

& Abu Dhabi

across the whole island


Prices nannyservice


Regular babysitter service

One-time registration fee: €75

Separate booking fee (for a shift of maximum 24 hours): €17,50 – or less when you buy one of our discount cards

Hourly wage: €8 (minimum)

You can make a single booking to start with and to try it out. After that you choose for one of our ‘Babysitter Cards = Oppaskaarten’.
The price of the “10x oppaskaart” is €149. This way you only pay €14,90 per strip.

To have more discount you can go for the ’25x oppaskaart’ or ’50x oppaskaart’. These cards will give you discount on the booking fee and give you the flexibility to book a nanny very quickly without any administrational work.

Take a look at our pricing page for the exact prices of all our babysitter cards (Oppaskaarten).


Calculation example

After subscribing your family, you can book a nanny. For the booking we will charge a booking fee per day. The booking fee can be paid per day or can be paid up front via a babysitter card (Oppaskaart) of your choice. Next to this, you will pay the nanny an hourly wage at the end of the day. A calculation example:

Nanny for saturday night for 6 hours:

1 strip of the 25x Oppaskaart = €11,96 + (6 hours x €9) = €65,96

* this example is based on a nanny with her First Aid diploma
* there could be some travel cost involved, this differs per location


Event nanny service

Separate booking fee (for a shift of maximum 24 hours): starting from €55 excluding VAT per nanny per day

Hourly wage: €9 (minimum)

Contact our planners for a tailored proposal

Nanny on location, nanny for your holiday trip or babysitter on structural bases

Prices on request