The 24NANNIES Babysitter

Looking for a Babysitter? 24NANNIES can help. 

Are you in need of a babysitter? 24NANNIES takes care of it! We can provide you with a reliable and screened nanny, who will take care of your children as if they are her own. We can even arrange a nanny within 24 hours! Our nannies can help you at every time of the day, including weekends and nights. We try to know as much as possible about your family and our nannies, so we can provide you with a good match.

24NANNIES provides families with a nanny for more than 3 years now. Due to our unique and large pool of nannies we can almost always arrange a nanny for you. Furthermore, the nannies are screened extensively and we register whether they have experience with babies. So, would you like to go out for dinner or visit friends of family? 24NANNIES will search and find a nanny for you!

An occasional nanny

By an occasional nanny we mean a babysitter who will baby-sit your kids at home for an evening, an afternoon or one or more days. The nanny can also stay overnight if requested. You can find the prices below.

A structural nanny

By a structural nanny we mean a nanny who will baby-sit your children on the same day or days of the week for an extended period of time. Due to the large demand for such nannies, we have to put you on a waiting list. But we will try to help you as soon as possible! If we are not able to find a suitable nanny for your family, you don’t have to pay anything.

Nanny at a wedding, birthday or other event

Would you like to have a baby-sitter or nanny at your wedding or anniversary? 24NANNIES can also arrange that! We have a large pool of enthusiastic event-nannies who will entertain the kids, while they keep an eye on them. This way you only have to look after your other guests. Furthermore, we can provide entertainment for larger groups of kids. We can arrange all kind of crafts and board games. For more information, please contact us.

How does it work?

Before we can arrange a nanny for you, you need to register at 24NANNIES. After you have paid the one-time registration fee, you can request a nanny. You only have to pay after we find a suitable babysitter for you.

If your Dutch is good enough, you can register here. Otherwise, please contact us and we will help you as soon as possible.

We are currently active in the following cities (including villages in the surroundings): Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden, Den Bosch, Rotterdam & Utrecht


One-time registration fee: €20

Occasional nanny

Mediation costs (for a shift of maximum 24 hours): €17,50

Hourly fee: €8 (minimum)

It is also possible to buy more bookings in advance. The price of the “10x oppaskaart” is €125. This way you only pay €12,50 per mediation.

Or to buy 25 bookings or more in advance trough the ’25x oppaskaart’, ’50x oppaskaart’ or ‘100x oppaskaart’.

Event nanny

Mediation costs (for a shift of maximum 24 hours): starting from €40 excluding VAT

Hourly fee: €9 (minimum)

Structural nanny

Prices on request